Gender Mainstreaming

Integrating the needs and interests of both men and women across all policies, projects, organisations and government.


Taking action to ensure women can control their economic futures through financial opportunity and resources.

Gender-based Violence

Protecting the fundamental human rights of women and girls free from physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse.


Achieving diverse public sector leadership to build strong political representation and decision making systems.


Government Action

The Department of Women's Affairs provides policy guidance and leadership to the Council of Ministers, Parliament and international development organisations on issues related to women, children and the disabled.

Strengthening Public Service Through Leadership

The Vanuatu Council of Ministers agreed to Decision 156/2014 to mandate that all Ministers, Directors-general, Heads of agencies and Institutions nominate at least one qualified woman for each vacancy on a government committee, task force, working group or other official body. The decision affects all national, provincial and local government groups.

National Gender Equality Policy

The policy vision is to create a safe and secure society where women and men of all ages and abilities live in harmony and work together for a better Vanuatu. Our mission is to promote equal rights, opportunities and responsibilities among men and women and to eliminate all forms of discrimination and violence against women and girls.

Teaching respect


Stan Antas' "Respecting One Another" is the title song from UNICEF Vanuatu's "LEFTEMAP RISPEK" campaign to End Violence against Children in Schools. It has been launched as part of the 16 Days of Activism (Nov 25-Dec 10) with the support of the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Education to increase the level of awareness about the need for respect between children, parents, teachers, and communities in order to reduce violence in schools.

6 in 10 ni-Vanuatu women will experience physical or sexual violence

Vanuatu Women's Cultural Centre 2011

only 3% of ni-Vanuatu women are in senior/executive government positions

World Bank 2013

half of all ni-Vanuatu women are involved in the substinence economy

VNSO 2011

60% of ni-Vanuatu women report their pregnancies are mistimed or unwanted

UNFPA 2014
“A heart which desires positive changes will be able to make changes. A heart that is willing to give and a heart of love will make a change so that developments can prosper.”

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