The gender protection cluster commence as a working group for vulnerable working group in addressing  issues for women, people with disabilities, children and the elderly since 2012 before and after TC Lucy. Having it's main vision around a safe and secure society where women and men of all ages and abilities live in harmony and work together for a better Vanuatu, the program has been trying its best to fulfill its vision  .The importance of having Gender & Protection is the main hub to trying to advance the integration of ensuring the protection, gender and social inclusion are integrated and mainstreamed into policy advocacy and capacity development to the Ministry of Climate Change. In additions having a secondary role in supporting the capacity of the whole Ministry of Justice and Community Services to integrate protection, gender and social inclusion into climate change adaptation and Disaster Risk management programming. The program values to uphold respect, effective service delivery, time management, inclusiveness, integrity and professionalism, accountability and transparency. It is strategies into four main areas in ensuring the missions and objectives of the programs is achieved. The four areas are increasing public awareness of human rights and gender equality, to ensure equal participation of men and women in the economy through evidence based research and fostering participation of women in business, promoting women's increased leadership and equal political participation and finally building a foundation for gender mainstreaming.

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