Focus: Economic Empowerment


 Economic empowerment being a vital element in the lives of women to promote their involvement in society. An increase in women in the labor force  would have a positive impact on the economy, considering the odds that there are  more men in the labor force then women is still an issue in hand. As pacific islanders and also from a global perspective evidence has shown that more there is involvement of women in the share of household income either earned by themselves,cash transfers can have great change in ways of spending that benefit the family especially children. In addition there are many contributing constraints such the patriarchal dominance and cultural beliefs and practices have had their toll in causing barriers in continuous discrimination on the status of women.  

The Department plays an important role in providing initiatives through policies and strategies to be endorsed by the cabinet to establish common grounds for the favor of women to be provided with education,funds, credit and services to become economically empowered through all levels of society. An important aspect to eliminating all forms of discrimination against women is to better promote them to being independent and fully sustained literally and financially to play an active role in providing or managing would improve their status in society.  


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